The image sensor in the automotive industry have great potentials for growth. CISTA CMOS image sensor is designed for two automotive applications: traditional automobile data recorder and ADAS system. With multiple exposures, the CISTA automotive sensor achieves higher dynamic range and superior image quality under extreme lighting conditions. BSI technology can help the sensor to get a purer and brighter picture in a low-light environment. Global shutter will have less distortion than traditional rolling shutter;Optimized circuit design, high image quality and low power consumption. With AI technology embedded, CISTA automotive sensors will build a safer and smarter driving experience.
Security & Surveillance
The Cista security sensor will provide extremely reliable image quality and product stability: High sensitivity and high dynamic range ensure the quality of monitoring images in extreme brightness environment. In extremely high and low temperature environment, excellent dark current control results in excellent picture quality in dark light. The reliable circuit design enables the Cista security sensor to work stably for a long time. Using BSI technology, color images with appropriate brightness and clear picture can still be obtained in extremely dark scenes.
In recent years, mobile phone camera is gradually replacing the traditional camera to become the main tool for people to record their lives. Cista mobile camera is dedicated to providing consumers with a professional photography experience; The Cista mobile camera covers a variety of pixel specifications and sizes. The application of high photosensitivity, high dynamic range and multiple exposure technology enables perfect presentation of both selfies and landscape photos. With the unique function of Mipi reveiver, the Cista mobile module can realize the dual-camera splicing effect, making the middle and low end platform can handle two cameras calmly. BSI technology enables users to get more details and colors of the picture under dark light. Excellent circuit design enables lower power consumption and better cost.
New applications, such as drones, robots, sports cams, smart home, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), are breathing new life into the CMOS image sensor market. cista consistently develop and bring high quality image sensors that meet the specific requirements in each market segment.